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Approaches Used in Therapy

Therapeutic Approach

I am an integrative counsellor, which means I use a variety of techniques and approaches to suit the person and situation. I initially use a person-centred approach, which essentially allows the individual to set the pace. Together we build on this start to work towards change.  I am trained in Solution Focused techniques which is  goal orientated approach. The goals are set in collaboration with you. Solution Focused theory is a based upon building  on the strengths you already have, developing confidence. It is a short-term therapy to devise solutions that are workable for you.



This can be used as part of the counselling process or as a therapeutic approach in it's own right. Hypnotherapy offers an opportunity for deep relaxation where you are more ready to respond to suggestions.


I have an interest in Mindfulness and how this can help people manage challenges in their lives.


Benefits of Therapy

Addressing the underlying cause of our difficulty can help to relieve feelings of low mood  stress & anxiety, or help to distrupt  self-defeating behaviour patterns.  Supporting people to take control over their own lives, leading to a greater sense of satisfaction and an improved sense of well being.

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