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Confidentiality - Safeguarding

Time to Talk offers a safe space for you to talk about what is important to you.

What you choose to share stays between us. However, there a few exceptions:

1. If there is any potential risk of harm to you.

2. If there is any potential risk of harm to someone else.

3. If you share something that is breaking the law.

In these circumstances I have a duty of care to report these concerns. This is in line with NCPS guidance and code of conduct.

 I discuss who I am working with in Supervision sessions. Regular supervision is required by NCPS. However I do not use people's names, to help protect their anonymity.

I do keep notes of sessions for reference. These are stored safely and will be destroyed after 5 years, as in line with NCPS guidance.

If we should see one another outside of the therapy room in a public space I will not acknowledge you unless you choose to acknowledge me first. This is to protect your confidentiality and ensure that you are not put in a position of having to explain to anyone who I am and how you know me.

I will not use social media to gain any background information about you. I will work with what you choose to share with me.

I am Enhanced DBS checked

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